Sunday, August 8, 2010

31 projects

Since I turned 31 this year, I decided to set a goal for myself to complete 31 projects before my next birthday, aside from my regular scrapbooking layouts and cards. These projects were originally supposed to be to finish up stuff I'd started already . . . since I suck at finishing things . . . but now that I'm 4 months into this I've realized it's been a lot about gifts for other people. I guess I'll get around to those "started" projects one of these days.

Here's my list so far, with the most recent ones first (their descriptions are below the photos):

18. Thank-you's for my son's birthday gifts - they're being printed as we speak so they'll soon be on their way.
17. French toast and sausage throw pillows for my husband on our anniversary (these are his favorite breakfast foods in the whole wide world)

16. Bridal Shower-In-A-Box for a friend. It included the invitations and envelopes, games, a couple of the Mocktail Recipe Books (see below) for the prizes, thank-you cards and envelopes, and a flippy book with stamped cards for the guests to fill out. All the host had to provide was the food!Every guest at the party was to fill out one of the stamped cards with a word of encouragement or advice for the bride to flip through in the days to come.
15. Burp/Washrags for a friend's baby
14. Blanket for a friend's new baby
13. Burp/Washrags for my new nephew. 12. A Fat-Bottom Purse for my sister's birthday. It's straight from the book Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation: The Happy Hooker by Debbie Stroller and I love it. Now I want one! I love the bamboo handles.
11. Recipe binder bridal shower gift. It has fun tabs organized a little differently - quick & easy, around the world, sweet tooth, comfort foods, etc. All the recipes are ones my family has passed down and taste-tested so there's not a loser in the bunch.
10. Thank-you apron for my daughter's kindergarten teacher
9. Mocktail book, round 2
8. Mock-tail recipe books attached to plastic party glasses
7. Paper quilt hanging for my mom-in-law 6. Blanket for my new nephew
5. Giant granny square purse 4. Blue and purple granny square purse
3. All-digital layout (my second attempt ever) 2. "Paper quilt" wall hanging 1. Teddy-Go-Round blanket

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