Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sofia the First Blanket Buddy - Free notes

So, I've been quiet on here for a while working on super hero Blanket Buddies...I've been trying to knock out as many as I can!  I just celebrated 15 years married to my best friend Kevin and to extend the celebration, I ran a sale on all my patterns.  Well, you all were ah-MAZ-ing and purchased a bunch...thank you so much!!  I was so pleased that I finally finished up my next free notes for use with the Pretty Princess Lovey pattern by Bowtykes. 

As requested, I give you Sofia the First! 

 For those of you who aren't familiar with the my free notes, here's how we do it.  First, go to Bowtykes' Pretty Princess Lovey  
and purchase the base pattern.  (With her permission, I used her pattern to create this and all my Disney Princess notes and Villains notes.  Without purchasing the base pattern, my free notes will not make sense, so please go buy the pattern.  I promise you it's worth it.)  Then you can use these notes to make the necessary changes to create Sofia (and all the Princesses and Villains listed on my blog here).  

Thanks again to Briana Olsen of Bowtykes for the wonderful base pattern!  

And, here we go!
 Sophia the First

Colors:  skin - Vanna's Choice in Beige
             Dress - RH Super Saver in Med Purple
            Crown, trim - RH Super Saver in White
             hair - RH Super Saver in Café Latte
            amulet - embroidery floss in purple and white

Dress --
            R1 and R2-- as written in Beige
            R3 and R4-- sw to Med Purple, work as written
            R5 -- sw to White, work as written using SC instead
            R6 through R13-- sw to Med Purple, work as written
            R14 -- sw to White, work as written using SC instead

Flower Trim --  Make at least 4…you can make up to 12 (one for each "scallop").  Sew to bottom of skirt.
            With White, ch3, join to 1st to make a loop. 
            Ch3, 2dc in loop, sl st in loop, ch3, 2dc in loop, sl st in loop, ch3, 2dc in loop, sl st in loop, ch3, 2dc in loop,             sl st in loop, FO.

Arms -- Make 2
            R1-R15 -- work as written in Beige
            R16 -- sw to Med Purple, 2sc in ea st around
            R17 - 1sc in ea st around
            R18 - (2sctog, 1sc in next st) repeat around
            R19 - 1sc in ea st around

Head -- Work as written in Beige

Wig Cap -- Work as written in Café Latte
Crown -- work as written for Tiara in White

Hair Curls -- Make 22
             With H hook and Café Latte
            Ch15, 3dc in 2nd ch from hook, 3dc in ea ch across.  FO and sew to wig cap, placing them randomly around.

Amulet --
            With purple embroidery thread
            R1 - Ch2, 12dc in 2nd ch from hook, sw to silver thread in last pull through, join to 1st dc.
            R2 - Ch2, 2hdc in ea st around, join to 1st st, FO.
            Sew to front of dress.

If you ever have any questions for me, msg me on Facebook at SpicyTuesdayCrafts .

Feel free to use these notes for your own use, and of course, you have my permission to sell items made from them as long as you link back to this post and Spicy Tuesday Crafts.  Please don't sell the written notes to anyone.  At all.  Thanks.