Monday, March 21, 2011

ruby's blanket, etc.

Some close friends from church had a little girl about 4 weeks ago and I got this little set finished just in time for her shower! They picked gray and white for her room, with small orange birds accenting so I came up with this giant granny (goodness, I hate that they are called Granny Squares. There's got to be a better name out there...) and added the tiny flowers for a splash of color.
I also included a tiny hat for her. When I get to shoot newborns (in my photography business) I so love it when the parents bring tiny crocheted hats . . . they add so much fabulous texture compared to the smoothness of new-baby skin!
And since the mom loves orange as much as I do, I threw in a few stripes just for her!

And of course, a tiny orange bird to hang on her door handle. . .

And when she arrived her parents took a photo of her all wrapped up in the blanket and sent it to me . . . cuddly and huggable! That's my favorite part!

recent craftiness

My husband's coworker is expecting a baby any day now so I made this little ribbon blanket and stuffed cow for her. And by her I mean the mom . . . they are waiting until the arrival to see what the sex of the baby is so I went with something that could go either way.
The cow is crocheted amigurumi -- my very first self-designed pattern! I couldn't find a pattern I liked online, which is where I usually go first, so I decided to prove that necessity is indeed the mother of invention. It turned out really cute, I think!

Sorry about the "dead cow" pose in the next photo . . . I wanted to show the little bell collar but it came out a little more morbid than I meant it to.

I think I'll write up what I did into a pattern form . . . just in case someone else needs to make a cow!