Friday, May 6, 2011

teacher appreciation gift

ETA: Turns out I gave these to G's preschool teachers, not Kev's co-workers. I'm mentioning it because later I'll want to remake these and make sure I didn't send them to the same people again. :)

Last year I was in a mad dash to find something to give to my husband's partner teachers for teacher appreciating week. I was down to the wire and had NO thoughts whatsoever, so I decided to take a spin around Staples in hopes of some creativity jumping right off the shelves into my basket. And it did, in the form of these tiny clipboards. I spraypainted them white and used Mod Podge to adhere the papers (and to add a shiny finish) then attached the notepads and wrapped them up. Definitely a keeper idea!


Here are some random cards I've done over the years, too. The ducky card was really early on, and makes me laugh to look at it now because it's so basic. Live and learn, I guess! This first one was a card set I made for my husband's partner teachers for Christmas one year. Each set had 8 coordinating cards with envelopes and a holder to keep it all together. They were a hit!

Yes, this last one was a card -- printed on 5x5 photo paper and sent to all our friends and family as a thank-you card for my son's 2nd birthday. It was also my first digital layout ever . . . a two-fer!

layout unload

Today I was going through some old files on my computer and found these layouts. They're from all different times and I had been meaning to post them on here as they were finished but the best laid plans, etc. . .

I don't scrap in chrono order because I am totally moved to action by inspiration, not planning. I don't like to have to finish up a set of photos just to get to the ones I really want to scrap right now. I'd rather scrap a page I'm excited about right this minute and then put them in the albums in order.