Friday, September 24, 2010

#19 paper dolls

My daughter's friend had a birthday last weekend so I made her this set of paper dolls! I decorated a blank tin with paper, etc, from my stash, then used the Cricut cartridge called Paper Doll Dress Up! to make the dolls and clothes. I was a little disappointed with the setting called "Tabs" that is supposed to make the dolls dress-able . . . the tabs were crazy small and hard to work with . . . so I attached all the clothes and accessories and hair. I made around 20 different dolls, complete with pirates and cowboys and cute little girls and a prince and princess. Then I made a few extras, like the horse and the unicorn, for the dolls to play with.

After I convinced my daughter that yes, this set was for her friend and yes, maybe someday I would make one for her, we gave the tin to her friend and she loved it! Happy birthday, Dessa!

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