Friday, September 24, 2010

#20 Headbands

We are so blessed to have friends who believe in hand-me-downing clothes to us for both of our kids! Every school year we go to our "too-big-still" closet and sort thru the bags to see what will fit now. Because of such generosity, we didn't have to buy Gennie any school clothes this year - yay for saving money! But I did want to make something special for her for the beginning of school . . . so I made her some fabric headbands. She loves the wide 1950's-style headbands but refuses to keep the plastic ones on because of the inevitable Headband Headache by the end of the day. So I let her pick out some fat quarters and got to work.I made a whole set of these for her and she loves them so much that I have to encourage her to do other things with her hair for variety - she'd wear them all together every day if I let her.

Each fat quarter made 4 headbands so I had a few left over to post on etsy (see the sidebar on here for their listings). I tapered the part that rests behind the ears so they would lay flat and not make the hair stick out all wonky. And I tried hers on to see what headsizes they'd fit . . . they were comfy for me, too, and held back my hair securely.

And no sign of the Headband Headache!

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