Saturday, August 7, 2010

welcome to spicy tuesday crafts!

Hi! This is my brand new crafting blog. I used to post my creations on our family blog but I decided it was time to separate them for two reasons: some people who want to read about my family stuff don't necessarily want to hear/see my crafty stuff and the people who want to see my craftiness don't necessarily need to hear all about our family.

So, here's my new venue! I'll try to post often with tons of photos of each project . . . I'm also a professional photographer in my "spare" time so I usually have a camera within arm's reach . . . and I'll even throw in some tutorials now and again. If there's anything you see and would like to know how I did it, please feel free to comment (or email me) and ask!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You don't need two blogs for me...I WANT to read about your family AND your crafts! :) However, I really enjoyed reliving many of you projects I've seen and seeing the ones I haven't! Nice work, Martha!

  2. Agree with the Washburns... BUT, will enjoy reading double the blogs from you! Nice work:)