Saturday, August 7, 2010

andy's bed & aliens

For my son's 3rd birthday this year he wanted Toy Story stuff . . . he got to meet Buzz and Woody at Disneyland this summer and has spoken of nothing else since . . . so I started with the cake. We had a bunch of kids coming to his party - and we invited their parents to stay - so we needed a good amount of cake.
Buzz and Woody are laying on top of Andy's bed which was a regular 2-layer 9 inch yellow cake and the aliens surrounding them are Funfetti cupcakes with butter-cream frosting and M&M's for the eyes. To get the quilted effect for Andy's bedspread I ran my pasta edging wheel across the fondant . . . but I got a little carried away and cut the fondant so I put the wording over the cut.

J loved his cake . . . and when it was done I was pretty happy with it.

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