Saturday, June 25, 2011

summer hats

I love it when I get commissions for projects . . . not commissions as in "income besides salary," although the little extra spending money is nice (it supports my yarn addiction) but as in "requests to make stuff." My friends have been hooking (ha - hooking, get it? as in crochet hook? yeah, I'm a dork sometimes. and it's late) me up with new ideas and projects lately and I've been up to my elbows in soft fibery goodness. Recently I was asked to recreate a hat that had been a baby gift but that the little girl in question had grown out of. The original was crazy cute, but it had been handmade and bought at a bazaar in Seattle (I think) and there wasn't really a way to get a new one so with the original in hand, I went to work. The original was brown and light pink, soft and floppy, with a small brim and a cute flower just off center. Her mom wanted the same basic shape and style, but bigger and in more summery colors so she could wear it right now. I loved it so much when it was done, I made two. In honor of its tiny owner, I named the pattern Ellie's Bucket Hat. Now my daughter wants one. . . :0)

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