Thursday, June 30, 2011

I won Week 3!

Thanks so much to all who voted for me last week! I finally won one -- pretty happy about it! Week 4 is up and ready for voting so come on by and see if you can guess mine. And here's my entry for last week:

I was really excited for this week's Dollar Store challenge for two reasons: first, I love finding useful stuff really cheap and second, my darling sister's birthday is next week and I had NO IDEA what to get/make her so I decided to kill two birds, as they say. I wandered the aisles and came home with the following assortment:
Three plastic plates, four candle holders, a plastic table cloth, two plastic bowls and some nail polish. Several hours of drying time later, behold the Girls' Night Out Serving Set!
My sister holds a regular Girls' Night Out at her house and let's be honest - who doesn't like pretty serving dishes - so I made a 3-tiered tray and a coordinating standing bowls. Everything is securely attached (with great amounts of E-6000) so it won't collapse mid-party. The bowl stands are two different heights to help add visual interest to the table. And there are lots of colors represented here so it can be used with other serving bowls that my sister already has. And in case it's not obvious, I used the nail polish to lightly decorate the glass pieces. Now I just have to box it all up and send it to her, hopefully in time for her next

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