Thursday, June 30, 2011

more baby gifts

Kev's coworker Christy is expecting a little boy any minute now, and before the school year ended the teachers had a party for her. I made a taggie blanket and a tiny airplane for the little guy.

This airplane is my new fave of the amigurumi I've made. Amigurumi is Japanese for (roughly), "crocheted stuffed toy" and there are many, many books out there devoted to patterns for cute little toys. I couldn't find any free patterns online for an airplane . . . and I hate paying for patterns until I absolutely can't do it myself . . . so I took off trying one of my own. Several tear-outs later, here he is!Christy said as soon as she brought him home her girls commandeered him for themselves! I guess he's a hit!


  1. Amy! We just love these gifts! The girls are also now convinced that little Wil, at 2 weeks of age loves watching the plane fly over his head. It now has a permanent place in his crib - waiting for the day he can hold it!

  2. would you post your pattern? I love this, and do not want to pay for a pattern either