Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to School Cake Pops!

 With a nod to my new "baking" hero (the quotes are because these really aren't baked), Bakerella, I attempted my first ever batch of cake pops to celebrate the first day of school.  I love how they came out and will definitely have to make them again! 
 The above recipe describes what I did, based mostly on the one by  She's amazing, and her photos made me want to try one of each of her designs (I'm totally taken in by really good photos of things).  I made a few changes in the coating, however, because out here in the sticks I have to rely on Walmart for my supplies and they only had candy melts in red, white, and brown.  I totally lucked out with the red but I wanted to do some in apple green color so I had to come up with my own.  Enter white Almond Bark -- I had to laugh at the brand I found, called Pilgrim's Pantry....did the pilgrims really have much need for candy coating, what with all the seasickness and colony-building?  Anyway, I looked all over the web for instructions on how to effectively tint almond bark....I'd heard before that you can't use water-based food coloring drops because water "breaks" the candy coating like it does chocolate....but all I found was more people railing against water-based food coloring.  Holding fast to the anthem, "There must be a better way!", I tried it anyway.  Turns out, if you melt the bark, add a few drops of food coloring, add Crisco one tablespoon at a time, and stir A LOT, the bark will return to dipping consistancy and actually still tastes pretty good.    I got the green apple color by using one drop of blue with 6 drops of neon green (it's like a perfect Shrek color -- I also used it last year for the alien cupcakes at Josiah's 3rd b'day). 

Love 'em!  I'll have to try different ones for the kids' b'days from time to time.  I'm thinkin' a Cake Pop party is in order, of every kind, please!

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