Wednesday, January 26, 2011

#31 - Krista's chocolate beanie

And I made it! 31 projects in my 31st year! My beautiful sister (pictured above) found a photo of a beanie she liked but didn't want to pay $48 for (especially when she has a sister who can make one for free from the extra yarn sitting in her closet) and asked if I could make one like it for her. She and her husband came to visit over Christmas break and while we were all sitting around visiting I gave it a try (mostly because I can't just sit still anymore -- my hands MUST be moving; you should see me fidget at church!) By the time they were ready to call it a night, I had this little number worked up:
It's the first one I've made without a pattern to follow . . . and she loved it! It's a little different than the photo she found, but it fits her perfectly (because she was there to try it on mid-process). Of course, I'm a dork and should have written down what I did so I can do it again but hopefully I can work it up again from memory.
And because I'm an overachiever (wow, that's soooo not the truth -- ask anyone!) I did finish a few more things and have several more in the works that will be finished before my 32nd b-day in March. Stay tuned!

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