Thursday, March 16, 2017

FREE NOTES -- A princess and 2 princes!

Whenever we watch a movie as a family, my kids love to get out a stuffed animal or two to enjoy the show with them.  Anybody will do in a pinch, but it's even better if they have a character from the movie we're watching...good thing I have an extensive plush collection that I've gotten over the years from the D Store and visiting D-land!  In honor of the much anticipated new live-action movie coming out this weekend, I decided to see if I could make up a buddy or two to take to the theater to see the show.  Here's the first in the series of three that I'll be posting today and tomorrow…Belle!

I realize I've worked her up before, but this new version is a bit more detailed and I like her even more than my first attempt.  Her base pattern is my Purty Girl Blanket Buddy pattern which you can get here (so that these FREE NOTES make sense!).  Otherwise, all her info is listed below…enjoy!  And I'd love to see your finished Belles if you make one…tag me on Facebook so I can see!

And as always, I made her for my own collection…you should probably do the same. 


Colors -- Dress - Yellow from Kmart (a REALLY old skein I got years ago from an estate sale - no label)
                         - RHSS in Gold
           --  Skin - RHSS in Buff
           --  Hair - RHWL in Chocolate

Blanket --
R1 - as written in Buff
R2 - as written in Buff, worked in hdc
R3 - Switch to Gold, as written, worked in hdc
R4 and R5 - work in dc, as written
R6 through R11 - Switch to Yellow, as written
R12 - Switch to Gold, as written
R13 - Switch to Yellow, work in Back Loops Only (BLO), as written
R14 through R17 - as written in dc (no picot stitch)

Arms --
R1 through R16 - work as written in Gold
R17 through R19 - work as written in Buff

Attach Arms as directed.

Shoulder Sash --
In Yellow, attach yarn to back of Dress.  Ch10, insert hook into one stitch at top of first Arm and work 1sc, ch10, insert hook into one stitch at front of Dress and work 1sc, ch10, insert hook into one stitch at top of second Arm and work 1sc, ch10, join to back of Dress where you first attached the yarn, FO.

Head --
Work as written in Buff.  For her eyelashes, I used brown embroidery floss and stitched the lashes on.  See photos for reference.

Wig Cap --
Worked as written in Chocolate

Bun -- In Chocolate,
Work a second Head pattern through R3, work 4 more Rows of *1sc in ea st around*, FO leaving a long tail for sewing, sew to Head.

Hair Decoration --
Ch 30, turn.
Work 1hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 1hdc in next 13sts, picot in next st, 1hdc in next 14sts, FO leaving a long tail for sewing, sew around Bun.

Curls --
In Chocolate,
Ch22, 3dc in 2nd ch from hook, 3dc in ea ch across. 
FO and sew to wig cap, placing them randomly around under the Decoration.  I made only 4 but you can add extra if you'd like.

 You have my permission to do whatever with any blanket you make from this pattern (of course you can, it’s your blanket!). I’d love a link back to this pattern if you post a finished prince online. But PLEASE do not sell, distribute, or rewrite-and-call-your-own these FREE NOTES or any part of them to anyone at any time (of course you won’t, because they're mine). I spend a bunch of time making up and testing my patterns and getting them ready to share…please respect this so I can keep on doing it! Thanks!


  1. Do u still have the pattern that went along with the princess pattern. I bought that one and i was hoping to do a bell version

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